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With a complete value chain that extends from the field to the fuel pump, ATI is bringing a major new source of alternative, renewable energy to market. Our crop is Pennycress: a common, non-edible mustard with significant energy content that will convert into liquid transportation fuels.


Latest News : ATI has received two USDA SBIR grants for Pennycress research.

Advantages of Pennycress

  • Seeds with 35%oil, producing ASTM quality biodiesel and 32% protein meal
  • No impact on food production or
    land use because it is grown on
    idle land during winter
  • Acts as cover-crop preventing soil erosion & nutrient runoff
  • Uses traditional, available production, logistics and processing equipment
  • Biodiesel demonstrates more than 50%reduction of GHG based on LCA
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Welcome to Pennycress Energy Company


ATI is ideally situated in the heart of the Midwest, surrounded by fertile farm fields, multiple transportation channels and significant research and development capacity. And we have the technologies and alliances in place—from crop development and processing to fuel production, marketing and distribution—to make high-quality biofuels from Pennycress a reality.

Pennycress also offers an excellent opportunity for environmental and social stewardship to Corporations who care for this as an important part of their mission.

We seek support and collaboration from corporations for commercializing Pennycress crop and provide multiple benefits to environment, ecology and community which will fulfill their corporate social responsibility goals and possibly business objectives together.

We also seek support from corporations doing research in the areas of seed trait enhancement and technologies for crop yield improvement to include Pennycress as part of their agenda. Research also indicates that planting soybeans following Pennycress also results in the yield boost of beans. There is a strong potential that this rotational energy crop will open new opportunities for diversified agriculture research firms to develop new varieties of beans and corn with Pennycress as a second crop.

Grown for fuel, not food


Growing Pennycress as an energy crop avoids the food-versus-fuel debate completely. Grown on highquality farmland between traditional food crop cycles, Pennycress doesn't compete with food demands, displace food crops or disturb wildlife habitat.

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